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Understanding your health care bill or the EOB (explanation of benefits) can be a messy task. Normally, we push it aside (hoping it will just dissolve by itself) and we pay it without question. Recently I questioned the “surgery” on a clients bill when in fact it was simply the doctor using the CO2 FREEZE on the patient. When the doctors office was contacted, they did not report “surgery” but the same ICD9 CODES were used from the billing dept as the front desk person used. So…is it an issue that you have a “surgery” on your record? I doubt it in this case. The fact that the ICD9 CODES were the same at least confirmed that the charges were in fact what they should have been according to the codes. The real surprise here is that the “initial” office visit was $250 alone (in network). The lesson here is…always ask in advance!

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