Welcome to Coastal Healthcare Advocates…

Coastal Healthcare Independent Advocates (also known as Patient Care Coordinators) are here to assist and support you or a family member navigate their healthcare decisions…from attending and understanding doctor appointments with the client or helping to eliminate typical healthcare barriers that may impede a more timely diagnosis or treatment protocol. From general physician appointments to critical illness, we can help coordinate a realistic course of managing illness and access quality care.


How can Coastal Healthcare Advocates help you?

Coastal Healthcare Advocates are independent advocates that help the client maneuver through the tedious healthcare system providing :

* Assurance of patient continuity for prescribed physician plan of treatment.

* Improve quality of life for patients participating in chemotherapy.HeartBeach

* Coordinate community resources and programs that can enhance patients chosen life goals. (such as food, shelter and Make a Wish Foundation, etc.)

* Support patient to feel as good as possible throughout course of treatment with dermatology options, massage therapy, meditation, as well as relaxation techniques and the Look Good Feel Good Program.

* Assist patient ability to keep appointments coordinating transportation.

* Insurance coordination efforts.

* Assistance with patient and/or family in utilization of housing resources, family respite, personal care and home health and/or hospice care when appropriate.



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